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We have learned from our research and experience …

  • Hand addressed mail campaigns promise a 95 -100% opening rate
  • Hand addressed envelopes are always opened first
  • Hand addressed envelopes and mailings can increase direct mail response rates by 400% or more

Proof that Hand Addressed Mailings Work

“This is the single most powerful tool to get a potential donor to read your mail -- a handwritten, closed face envelope with a First Class mail stamp on it.”
- Non-Profit Times –

A study by Pitney Bowes of 420 consumers investigated the factors that influenced whether the consumer would open the envelopes. Handwritten envelopes were the most likely envelope to be opened … Type of postage was the second most important factor, with a preference to stamps and an aversion to third-class permit postage.
- -

“Life Outreach Intl. of Fort Worth, TX, makes one of its mailings strictly hand-written. The response is typically double and sometimes triples the return of its other mailings.”
- Non-Profit Times –

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